Product Designer – Francesca Wilder

Hello, nice to meet you!

I’m Francesca Wilder, a product designer and overall creator who enjoys crafting memorable and useful experiences by keeping the user’s  needs at the forefront.

I have a growing passion for creating digital experiences that have a positive impact on people and society, from strides and innovation in healthcare to education.


Other things I enjoy doing in my spare time:

✈️ Traveling around the globe.

One of my hobbies is traveling around the world. I have been to Mexico and Saint Martin/Sint Maarten so far. 

🎨 Exploring Creative Mediums.

Having attended an art school, I still strive to maintain my love for any creative mediums especially drawing and painting.

🈳  Computer Science & Languages.

Learning new programming languages and regular languages is also a hobby of mine. At the moment, I am learning Java for Android app development.

Achievements/Awards --

  • SCAD Entelechy Awards Nominee (Best Game in a group)
  • WIGI Women in Gaming International Protege.

Volunteering --

  • Lead art teacher for summer school program for inner city youth to learn foundational art skills.

Books I'm reading:

Learning to become a better designer is a never ending process. I am always open to learning as much as I can for skills and personal improvement.