Hi, Im Francesca Wilder

A Sr. Product Designer

who has designed a wide range of digital experiences including responsive websites, mobile applications, and design systems. I enjoy creating memorable designs through engaging experiences.


My College Prep helps prepare students for higher education

Securesay enables secure messaging within an academic community

The NAPA Prolink platform provides businesses with the shop solutions and supplies they need

Giving dealers direct business communication with Dealermatch

Helping to amplify the Polaris digital brand


A tidbit of my process

Having a well-defined process is essential to creating a great product for users. This process can look different for everyone, but I consistently stick to a few guidelines when designing.

1. Always do some checking and backchecking...

During my design process, one of the first things I do is to thoroughly understand the users needs, wants, and some basic background info. 


Learning from early missteps has helped me realize that jumping right into the design phase can be a time waster. This is usually because educating myself on the user and business goals makes the process more efficient, and I can confidently proceed to the next phase. I like to go by the saying “If I need to guess, then I haven’t done enough research.”

2. Defining the problem statements. What exactly is the user's problems?

After gathering information during the research phase, I move into thinking about and analyzing the user’s specific problem(s), goals, and objectives.


I like to turn the problem statement into “How might we..” questions to assist in solving the user’s problem.  The statement is usually an actionable summary of the user, their goals, and what needs to be solved to meet the user’s goals. After formulating these questions, then I can start brainstorming.


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Writing has been a way for me to express my thoughts on a variety of topics, improve my creativity, and deepen my critical thinking skills.