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Behind art projects is the creative power.


Hello, I’m Francesca Wilder, a UX/UI Designer and overall creator who enjoys crafting memorable and useful experiences by keeping the user’s needs at the forefront. I have a growing passion for creating digital experiences that have a positive impact on people and society, from strides and innovation in healthcare to education.

Skills (to name a few..)

User Empathy

Interaction Design

Visual Design



Information Architecture

User Research


SCAD Entelechy Awards 2012

WIGI (Women In Gaming Protégé) 2012-2013

My College Prep

Preparing middle and high school students for higher
education and career readiness.


Fostering dealer to dealer business relations without
the auction middle man.


SecureSay allows for peer to peer communication
within an academic community.

Q. Clothing

Giving an updated and modern look to an up and coming fashion brand.