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SecureSay allows college students to communicate within an academic setting.

Role:  UX & UI Design

Date: August 2018 – December 2018

SecureSay, developed by students for students, is an application geared towards post-secondary education communities that lets scholars send encrypted messages to their peers, professors, tutors, etc.

Messaging and email encryption can be important especially when sending confidential information.

In academic settings, this can be project designs only meant for group members, sending important project documents and ideas to professors for their approval, etc.

Target Audience

Secure Say’s target audience includes students and faculty at post-secondary institutions. Since many emails and important documents can sometimes be sent insecurely, we wanted to ensure that information would have a high level of confidentiality when sending. The team also wanted to focus heavily on group projects in academic settings where  project proposals, ideas, designs, and approvals would be sent to the professor and group members.

Initial Research

During the beginning phases of the project, user interviews were conducted. The main question asked during interviews with potential student users was:

  • What are your main concerns when sending messages to your peers in an academic community, especially within a group setting?
User Insights

After user research was conducted, three main insights were the focus of the application:

Secure message sending

Users, especially during group projects, wanting to send documents

securely where only team members and the class professor can view

pertinent messages.

Instructor communication

Communication with class professors about project changes,

content sharing, etc.

Comprehensive messaging system

Instant messaging and video meetings, file and document

saving capabilities, and message organization for quick referencing.

Structuring & Organizing Content

Since the concept and main functions were already established, I wanted to start on the content structure and user journey to show exactly how users can accomplish each of the main goals of the application.

Design: Wireframes & Prototypes

For the actual design, I wanted to keep the user interface as simple as possible where the main focus would cover all three of the user insights discovered during user research.

Final Solutions

The majority of our our target users main concern was the security aspect of the app. They wanted to focus on being able to sending project documents to group members and open up communication to class professor’s for their approval. Many times during group projects, pertinent information must be approved by professors before moving forward with the project.