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Giving a local fashion brand a fresh and modern update to become more competitive & memorable in the market.

Role: Visual Design

Date:  2019 – 20

Platforms: Web

A local client wanted their fashion brand to come to life by taking it to the digital space. Adhering to a more modern and clean design and having a responsive approach was one of the top priorities for the client. From meeting with them, a new branding experience needed to be created to give their existing design an complete update.

Admittedly, the client’s branding was very early to mid 2000s ish, and they wanted to step into a more current look for their new site.

The visual identity

Q. Clothing’s site was noticeably outdated and needed a boost with their branding. The goal for this project was to give the site an updated UI and create a responsive design system for the fashion brand. Since the majority of online shoppers, especially for clothing, usually analyze a retail brand’s website for it’s style and overall feel, I wanted to create something that was eye-catching, but also adhere to the client’s desire for minimalism.

Responsive design

Having a responsive site was on of the main goals for the brand. The client wanted shoppers to have a consistent experience on all digital platforms, moreover ensure that they could view the most essential information on mobile devices aside from the website.